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‘t Zuid
nr 4:
‘t Zuid
April 2021
I walk from Sint Pietersplein via the Vooruit to ‘t Zuid. Here you can find a large bus station, an underground parking lot with public toilets, a public library, the Woodrow Wilson square, a shoppingmall and the king Albertpark.
The first thing I notice are skaters and some men enjoying a beer together near the bus station, as casual as they would in the pub. Although far from abandoned the scenery is certainly different then usual. Normally people would be rushing between the buses and the shopping mall, but today people are mostly relaxing on the square and in the park. If I didn’t know any better I would think it’s vacation time here in Ghent.

Two months later

The rushing people are back, the skaters are still here, but the men with the beer seem to have gone back to their favorite pubs...