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nr 7:
April 2021
From the graffitistraatje I proceed my way to the northside of the city. There is a large jetty just outside the citycentre, where the Schelde, the Leie and the Ghent-Terneuzen channel come together. It’s not only the water that likes to come together here...
As I cross the bridge , the jetty comes to sight. It’s really busy here today! Two families meet in the middle. They seem to have missed each other and as they give each other a long warm hug. Some students are meeting. Here and there someone sits, reading a book. There's a vibe in the air that reminds me of vacation...

Two months later

I arrive once more at the jetty. The weather is hot, but there are less people present then before. Some boys are sitting on a bench in the corner, listening to some reggea music . A boat is moored at the jetty. I decide to make another soundscape here and start my recordings. Then I start to make a few pictures of the surroundings. One of the boys start hissings at me . I decide to ignore him...
Moments later a small skinny man with a leathery skin approaches me and starts:

“Allo, allo! Is it true that you making video from us here? Only because some people say that you just eh where making video from us. No-no-not from us? I’m sorry. You are, you’re Belgian? I am Belgian too.”
Then he proceeds in Dutch:
“Wadde?.. Wa? Maar eh nee, nee, gij zijt ne Hollandse! Ja maar ja, ik zie dat toch! Eh, eh waar? Rozendaal? Bij de mosselen? Hehehe...”
EN: What? What? But uh, no, no, you are a Dutch girl! Yes , but yes, I can see that! Eh, eh, where? Rozendaal? From the mussels? Hehehe…
“Ok, ik ben van Marokko en mijn ouders zijn hier in de jaren 50 gekomen. De ersets , de eerste waren hier gekomen en ik praat Oosters, ik praat anders dialect dan jullie… ah kijk, maar ik heb familie in Rozendaal en ik heb familie in Arnhem en Rotterdam...Allemaal.”
EN: Ok, I'm from Morocco and my parents came here in the 50's. The ersets, the first ones came here and I speak Oriental, I speak a different dialect than you… ah look, but I have family in Rozendaal and I have family in Arnhem and Rotterdam... All
“Hier? Neen, ik was naar Bolivia geweest, ik was naar de Dominicaanse republiek geweest, ik was naar Panama geweest en Cuba. Ik vind Bolivia een mooie land. Bij de mensen, die kleine mensen, ze zijn van uhm Inca’s en uhm Indianen… ooooh super! Echt waar!”
EN: Here? No, I had been to Bolivia, I had been to the Dominican Republic, I had been to Panama and Cuba. I think Bolivia is a beautiful country. With the people, those little people, they are from uhm Inca's and uhm Indians… ooooh super! Really!
“De Hollanders uhh...jaaa. Een Hollander die gaat naar Egypte, verbrandt van de zon! Wat is dat? – Kaaskroket”
EN: The Dutch uhh...yeah. A Dutchman who goes to Egypt, burns with the sun! What is that? – Cheese croquette

The man walks away laughing. I stay a little longer to see what else is going on. Nothing much, except for everyone looking at me, the intruder with camera 8)