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‘t Belfort & the citycentre
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‘t Belfort and the citycentre
April 2021
Welcome to the heart of the historical citycentre of Ghent... The first thing I notice is the missing groups of tourists and how comfortable it is, to move through this area without them. The meadow at the Emile Braun square is packed with picnickers. It is strange to see, how they are all so well adapted to the corona measures. I’m not sure if I should be proud to see them swarm around each other, like a skilled flock of birds or if I should feel a bit scared about this. But I do notice, that the police is driving by more often then the tram is. I observe the situation for a while and must come to the conclusion that here, life in the streets of Ghent seems to have become more laid back and cosy during the lockdown.

Two months later

With the lockdown reduced to it’s lowest level, the terraces have reopened again and I am very happy to find that there is an ice cream truck standing on the Sint Baafs square. It’s a warm day, the terraces are as packed as possible , there is a line in front the of the ice cream truck, some people are sitting at the fountain… A couple of kids have taken their homemade ramp and are enjoying themselves on their skateboards. The meadow at the Emiel Braun square is less busy then before. Back to how it was before. The masses with tourist are still missing though. I can’t help but feel how the citycentre of Ghent, seems to have become a nicer place to dwell, without them...