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Sint Pietersplein
nr 3:
Sint Pietersplein
April 2021
I wondered though the park a bit longer then I had originally intended and it’s about 19.30 by the time I arrive at the Sint Pieterssquare. I have seen some interesting reports in the news about this square. Normally to me this square is just a splace which you have to cross once in a while to get from a to b. But during this pandemic it has grown into something of a serious meeting place for the citizens of Ghent. When I decided to come to Ghent I had hoped to encounter this square while it’s being packed with people.
With the alcohol prohibition starting at 20.00 apparently I am to late. But now I can clearly see something I couldn’t see on the news before; The square is covered with white circles and there is a matrix board that explains what all of this is supposed to be about. It reads; No glass, Maximum 4 persons per circle, No alcohol after 20.00,Enjoy with your (social) bubble… While reading this the police passes me by three times in a row.

I move on towards Zuid and pass the university’s Booktower, but there is no activity here either. A graffiti adorns the wall with a scene of two somewhat bored people, who are leafing their way through a magazine, during the summer holidays of 2020. It seems as if that same dusty holiday is still on going...

Two months later

The square is even more empty then before, but I do see some action at d’Overpoort. Apparently people prefer sitting on a terrace, over a sitting in a circle on a square… The matrixboard recites new legislations. No glass, Maximum 10 persons per circle, No alcohol after 22.00, Enjoy with your bubble… Another policecar passes me by.