Sisters Hope is an award-winning international performance group based in Copenhagen. Their work unfolds at the intersection of performance art, research and activism and intervenes into different everyday life contexts and institutions. The work is highly immersive and sense-stimulating and applies interactivity to create transformative encounters and create poetic universes that one can not only participate in, but inhabit.
Our ambition is to make the sensuous and poetic accessible to as many people as possible - to 'democratize the aesthetic'. Our work is based on an imagined future society - The Sensuous Society - where the sensuous and poetic form the base for all action and interaction. Out of the current ecological and economic crises, a new poetic society has emerged which our works have as their starting point. Sisters Hope was originally born in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, where we as a response created a vision for a more poetic society. We are now in a new crisis, this time a pandemic, which underlines the need for artistic visions of the future.