Marie-Eve Levasseur is a media artist currently living and working in Leipzig, Germany. In her artistic practice, Levasseur explores intimacy and the interaction of technology and organic systems, as well as other themes, through diverse techniques such as sculpture, installation, and 3D animation. She studied in Montreal, as well as Leipzig. The method she uses feeds from feminist science fiction and its emancipatory potential. Her projects use speculative fabulation; imagined situations with fictive devices, extensions for human and non-human beings that open a cross-species dialogue in order to reflect upon the way we get along in the system we live in.
“My current work focuses on teleportation, transportation, and a symbiotic relationship between urban structures and nature. I examine the possibilities of dissolution and recombination; a portal for teleportation that serves as an extension, not for the body, more for the city, more for the world. Through the lenses of feminist science fiction, I want to grasp the complexity of re-configuring spacetimematter, where bodies and places are in an ever-changing state.”