Olesya Ilenok is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Yekaterinburg, Russia. In her practice, Ilenok draws upon her studies in digital art at Far East Federal University, and her experience in street art. Recently, she has approached urban environments as a source of inspiration for her innovative work. She uses many tools and techniques, such as sound, clay sculpture, neural networks, video, and photography.
“My works examine the city from different perspectives: the city as a source of data, the city as a place for the process, the city as a physical and digital space. I look for semiotics, visual codes, their integration into each other. I refer to my subjective perception to ask the viewer to feel their own space of experience. Through using a fusion of digital and analog instruments my works research how the environment is altered or mediated, and how our personal perception can be changed by technologies. Project «Great likelihood», made during the residency, talks about the statistics of words used in Russian textual street art and offers to enjoy the poetry of numbers.”