Identifying as a composer, sound-artist, performer and researcher, Filippo Fabbri obtained his doctorate in applied physics from the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics of the École Polytechnique in 2009, followed by another doctorate in Systems Engineering from the La Sapienza University in Rome. Pianist, saxophonist and sound artist, Fabbri studied musical composition and orchestration at the H. Berlioz and CRR93 Conservatories in Paris and Aubervilliers. Given his technical as well as musical background, Fabbri is fascinated by the intersection of art and science, with a special regard for music and sound. Fabbri’s area of interest is in contemporary art and music, he is an active member of the Labofactory collective where he has created sonic art-science installations, combining his talents to create spectacular contemporary art.
“In this work, I wish to explore the connection/disconnection of the multi-dimensional nodes that characterise the urban meta-surfaces, especially in relation to digital relationships and experiences among humans, in the hope to find a way to re-establish the broken and the damaged links and to propose new structures of convergence.”