Daniele Leonardo is located on the northeastern coast of Italy, just a few steps from the Adriatic Sea. He engages in introspective and questioning processes interweaving nature with ideas of human philosophy to delve into the identity of all things.

“In view of recent developments -of premeditated origin and design- I am and remain, even though an animalist, a human; even though ultimately an animal, a humanist. The rest is biopower.”
His present work, through prose and photographs, records in appearance the reopening of his city after sanitary measures were lifted and warm weather, in addition to a newly declared safety, re-attracted tourists, all in comparison and contrast with the emptiness just before that.
But this is a pretext for illustrating and to expand on, with parallelisms between the history of his country and general politics -and drawing from it all-, “the commonalities and specificities of given neighboring lands; the different repetitions of the banality of behavioralism; the discovery that desolation does not pertain to desert, empty places per se or at all.”

The fiftieth day. On the grounds that this is heaven is part gesture and presence, but leading towards the immaterial and spiritual; part made of what (ever) some literature is made of (of which words are the least of it) while gazing down upon historicity and its materialism.

A whole hypertext, for lack of a better word, traced to track and translate what was apparently if not lost or unsaid at least overlooked. The place on earth of a human among beings, may be this (as) an artist or some writer, to gather and speak; as a sailor or a farmer, to gaze and care, to plant and reap; amid progressive desertification as opposed to “desert”; against silencing as opposed to “silence”; for, now differently, a general, most-encompassing significant lack of words.”